Maintaining and Extending Competence Model, 2011

This model was designed in response to the belief that Orientation Programs should be integral to an incremental series of staged educational (supportive) programs, which nurture employee competence over time and thereby support lifelong learning. 

The model was proposed to achieve the following outcomes: 
  • bridge the gap between educational activities and routines in the clinical setting 
  • assist in promoting the development of education programs and competency tools which can measure the relative impact of educational activities on the quality of patient care. 
Incorporating methodologies which include Patricia Benner’s (1984), Novice-to-Expert Skill Acquisition Conceptual Model, Competency-Based Education (CBE) and Continuing Competency Programs (CCPs), the model supports a continuum of professional development from admission into the HMC culture to resignation or retirement. Moreover it values, exemplifies and assesses life long learning skills whilst educationally promoting collaborative practices through the integration of competency and outcome based methods.

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