Nursing Education

Nursing education is important and relevant at every stage of the nursing profession; student nurses, new graduates and even the most experienced nurses are required to keep abreast of changes in healthcare, new technologies and consistently deliver high standards of patient care within internationally recognized standards of evidenced base nursing practice and excellence.

The Department of Nursing Education and Research at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), strives to be recognized as a national and international center for nursing excellence and research. The Department derives its values from the HMC Nursing Services Department and promotes the following learning philosophy:

  • learning is a continuous life-long process, which is problem orientated and requires critical reflection of experiences 
  • nursing professionals should be supported in taking a central role in their own learning and a personal commitment to professional development activities encouraged and promoted 
  • participative learning through critical reflection should be promoted and the development and maintenance of a professional development portfolio supported 
  • differences in individual learning styles should be recognized and taken into account when implementing educational packages and initiatives 
  • evidence based research findings should be brought into the clinical environment through the transfer of new practice guidelines; competency based methodologies should also be integrated to standardize and monitor nurse performance 
  • in terms of research and scholarly activities, new ways to incorporate technology to enhance learning (e.g. e-learning initiatives) and more effective approaches to life-long learning should be encouraged and discovered across the full scope of clinical nursing research 
  • a farsighted approach is required to maintain and sustain a positive impact on the quality and delivery of contextual healthcare in the State of Qatar, requiring a culture supportive of diverse research and scholarly activities, complemented by a strong mentorship program.
In terms of educational initiatives and frameworks, the Department of Nursing Education and Research promotes the following: 

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