Rumailah Hospital

HMC’s pioneer healthcare facility, Rumailah Hospital was opened in 1957 as a general hospital and became a rehabilitation center for elderly and disabled patients following the opening of Hamad General Hospital in 1982. The hospital has since been completely renovated into a spacious and modern 602-bed facility that currently provides adult rehabilitation, children’s rehabilitation, burns and plastics, dental, general surgery, general medicine, psychiatry and residential care services.

Rumailah Hospital’s computed tomography or CT scanning system is a significant advancement in HMC’s medical imaging capability, and complements other leading edge imaging technologies across all its hospitals.

The hospital has implemented various patient-centered initiatives such as a long-term mental health facility, and an interim skilled nursing facility which provides a home-like care setting for partially dependent, long-term care patients, pending the completion of a permanent facility.

Rumailah Hospital’s Community-Based Rehabilitation Program has won the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City Award for Excellence in Rehabilitation Services – an Arab Health award granted to healthcare and rehabilitation facilities, individuals and organizations, private or public, which have contributed to the field of rehabilitation services for the people of the region. The award was granted at the 2011 Arab Health conference held on January 2011 in Dubai.

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Rumailah Hospital

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Rumailah Hospital