Contacting a patient

In person

On arrival at any HMC hospital you should make your way to the Admitting Department, which will be located at the main entrance to the hospital. The Admitting Department will provide you with a ward name and/ or room number for the person you are visiting.

By telephone

Patients can be contacted by telephone (this is located in their room) or through the Nurses station if you are visiting a patient in Rumailah Hospital. Patients’ telephone numbers can be obtained from the Admitting Department.

It is HMC policy that medical information cannot be provided to relatives of patients over the telephone. If you would like to receive patient medical information, you should contact the patient’s primary care Physician. Please note that information on a patient’s condition will only be provided to relatives.

By post

Not all HMC hospitals will accept mail, please check with the hospital in question before sending post.

By e-mail

The following hospitals have a hospital email address available:

National Center for Cancer Care & Research:

Rumailah Hospital: 

The Women’s Hospital and Hamad General Hospital both have Wi-Fi available.