After your appointment

If you require a follow up appointment, this can be arranged immediately. You will also be provided with any medications you need before you leave hospital. Prescriptions can be collected from your hospital pharmacy immediately on departure. As pharmacy opening times vary between hospitals, please check with the relevant hospital pharmacy.

To collect an item from the pharmacy you should hand over the prescription to the pharmacy team, make your payment at the cashier desk and then collect your medicine with your health card and receipt. The pharmacy team will also provide you with information on how you should use your medicine. Payment will either be by cash or loaded health card, depending on the pharmacy. Qatari patients are normally exempted for payment for medications. For non-Qatari patients, payment should be completed according to health card validity.

Billing and payment procedures for Outpatient appointments

Non-Qatari patients are required to make payment, some hospitals only accept cash as payment whilst others only accept e-payments. Please check with your hospital with regards to their accepted method of payment.

Comments, suggestions or complaints

Comments, suggestions or complaints are very welcome as they help us to continually strive to provide the best possible care experience for our patients. Please fill out a comment card if you have any customer care issues and drop this into the designated box within one of our hospitals.

You can also contact:

Complaint Resolution Office
Tel: 4439-1555
Hours of Operation:
Sunday – Thursday 07.00 am – 03.00 pm