Hamad General Hospital

Hamad General Hospital has a modern, 603-bed facility that offers trauma, emergency medicine, pediatrics, critical care, specialized surgery, specialized medicine, laboratory medicine and radiology services. The facility is in the process of massive expansion to improve its patient care services. One notable improvement is the complete renovation of the Emergency Department, including the establishment of a new Walk-In Clinic. The ‘see and treat’ model of care for less critical patients has dramatically reduced patient waiting times and enhanced the patient experience.

The Fahad Bin Jassim Kidney Center has been established to offer some of the most advanced treatment standards in the region for patients with acute and chronic kidney ailments. Located right across the Hamad Medical City complex in the Bin Omran area, this facility now serves dialysis patients formerly accommodated at Hamad General Hospital.

Significant progress has been made in the Robotics Surgery Program, and a wide range of surgical procedures are now being performed using this technology.

HMC is working on a new diabetes unit to be opened at the second floor of HGH. This unit will serve both children and adult patients and will offer all diabetes-related services including treatment, pharmacy, diabetes educators, dieticians and foot care. The diabetes unit will be lodged at HGH for the first two or three years, after which time it will be moved to a building in Hamad Medical City.

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Hamad General Hospital

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Hamad General Hospital